Adams Bullion FAQs


  • 1. What services do you offer? Adams Bullion is a Melbourne based bullion dealer offering both buying and selling services for investment grade gold, silver or platinum coins or bars. We provide our customers both with the ability to protect their wealth through buying bullion with us, and the ability to quickly raise funds when selling to us.
  • 2. What can I buy? Adams Bullion offers a range of gold, silver and platinum coins and bars, both from local refineries in Melbourne and from mints across the world.
  • 3. How do I place an order? Customers can place orders with Adams Bullion by coming into our showroom, or either through our website, via email or over the phone. This allows our customers to be able to place an order 24/7 through our website and to be able to speak to an Adams Bullion staff member if needed.
  • 4. Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can order? Customers can place an order for as little or as much as they would like. Having said that there are considerations to be made for smaller orders. The cost of shipping should be considered when determining whether the order size is worthwhile.
  • 5. When will I receive my order? Once payment for your order has been received in full, it will be processed and sent out to you as quickly as possible. A tracking number will be sent to you once the package has been collected by the courier. Delivery times may be delayed for large orders.
  • 6. How do I know that the metal is real? Adams Bullion has an XRF machine that is used to test the quality of all buyback items, as well as to periodically test new items from refineries and wholesalers.
  • 7. Why is the price on the website higher than the gold price? When purchasing physical bullion products, you will always pay more than the current “spot price” of the metal you are buying, the question is how much. This difference in prices is called the “premium” and varies from product to product, this is how bullion dealers like us, wholesalers and mints make their money.
  • 8. Are higher premium products worth more when I sell them? Adams Bullion will pay you more for coins than bars when selling to us. For bars we will pay you 98% of spot price, for coins we will pay you the full spot price. We do not pay more or less for different brands of coins or bars, however they may be worth more on the secondary market when selling to private investors.
  • 9. Can I purchase through my Self-Managed Super Fund? Yes, if you are authorised to do so and you have set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) account with us, you can visit our website page for SMSFs here to find out more.


  • 10. What will you buy? We always buy back any products that we sell, we also buy back gold, silver and platinum bullion that is assayed with the mint, weight and bullion grade purity clearly stamped and verified with testing. We do not buy back scrap gold, this includes gold jewellery and any coins or bars that are of a lesser weight or purity than assay, or any coins or bars that are misshapen, defaced or clipped.
  • 11. How much will you pay? We will pay you 98% of the spot price for your bars and 100% of spot price for your coins, whether they be gold, silver, or platinum.
  • 12. How do I sell to you? You can bring your bullion into our showroom, and we will test it in front of you using our XRF machine- once we have ensured the purity of the product, we will lock in spot price, provide you with an invoice and pay you- either in cash or via bank transfer, depending on your preference.

    You can send your bullion to us via the postal service, using the courier of your choice. Once your bullion has been received, we will check the purity with our XRF machine and send you an invoice with the spot price locked in, we will then make payment on this invoice using the bank account details that you provide to us.
    The address to send your bullion to is as follows:

    Adams Bullion
    ATT: Ash Waddell
    C/O Melbourne Vault
    Sub basement
    257 Collins Street,
    Melbourne, Victoria

    With delivery instruction “Call 1800-682 858 upon arrival for access”
  • 13. How will I be paid? We will wire the funds to you via a bank transfer - a test payment with amount of $1 will be made for the first transaction to ensure that all payment details are correct, before the full amount is transferred. From there, all further transactions will be sent in full right away.


  • 14. When do I pay for my order? Payment should be made as soon as possible after the order is placed, we require payment to clear into our account within 2 business days of confirming your order with us, via one of our accepted payment methods. See payments methods page here for further information.
  • 15. How do I pay for my order? We accept payment by bank transfer, in cash, or via credit or debit card. We do not accept cheques, either personal or bank cheques. See more on our payments page here.
  • 16. Can I cancel or change my order? Yes, but if you cancel your order, you will be subject to our market loss policy; that is, you will be liable for any difference between the value based on the spot price of the metal at the time of placing the order, and the value at the time of cancellation (market loss). Any market gains will be forfeited. You may also be charged a cancellation fee. Failure to pay up the market loss will result in the amount owed being sent for collection.


  • 17. When do I need to provide ID? Adams Bullion will ask you to provide a government issued photo identification (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.) in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) when you purchase $5,000 or more per day. Melbourne Vault staff will ask to sight I.D when you collect an order, as an added measure of security for your purchase.

    We require ID for all buybacks from customers, regardless of dollar amount. Your personal information is required to purchase from the website. Your account details must match your identification details, as deliveries and collections will require your signature.

    Your personal information is stored safely and will be securely destroyed after 7 years, in accordance with the law.
  • 18. How do I provide my ID? You can email a certified copy of a valid form of identification to or send your documents by registered mail to:

    Adams Bullion ATT: Ash Waddell
    C/O Melbourne Vault
    Sub basement
    257 Collins Street,
    Melbourne, Victoria

    With delivery instruction “Call 1800-682 858 upon arrival for access”


  • 19. Can I have my order be delivered to me? Yes, we ship both domestically to Australia, as well as to international non-sanctioned countries.

    In the shopping cart checkout section, you will see the automatically calculated shipping charge for the amount needed (based on the weight of your package, including packaging material). There may be times when the online store does not do this, e.g., for very heavy packages or packages being sent to some international locations. If a shipping amount is not given at the checkout, please contact us at, let us know what you are ordering and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a shipping fee.

    Your order will be registered with a tracking number, insured and will require signature on delivery- so please ensure that your order details match with your identification. We can ship your bullion to your home, to a PO box, or even to your workplace- all you need to do is specify where you would like it to be sent when placing your order.
  • 20. How much will delivery cost? Our delivery rates vary based on the weight of your order. Within Australia, delivery costs for parcels (including weight of packaging materials) are as follows:
    - Under 1kg: $17.50
    - 1kg to 3kg: $25
    - 3kg to 5kg: $30
    - Over 5kg: Requires a custom shipping quote.

    Some products require individual parcel packaging and may incur extra charges.

    International charges are also based on weight of the package- international charges will be more expensive for us than shipping domestically and will need a custom shipping quote if not provided through the website automatically.

    NOTE: International customers are responsible for any import duties/taxes charged by 3rd parties- please research accordingly.
  • 21. Do you offer secure delivery? For high value packages (over $50k in value) we can organise an armed guard service for the delivery of the package. This will incur significant added expense (paid by the customer), which should be considered when placing an order in this manner.