Investor Centre

Adams Bullion contains a wealth of knowledge on key factors influencing the physical gold and silver markets, as well as research into currencies, interest rates, equity and fixed income markets, property and superannuation.

It is led by Economists John Adams (Manager Director at Adams Bullion) and Sam Lawrie, (Operational Manager at Adams Bullion).

John Adams is a professional economist, public policy advocate with over 20 years experience. John is well known in Australia for running influential public policy campaigns and that delivers real results. These campaigns have included:

  • stopping the Australian Government from enacting into law the $AUD 10,000 cash transaction ban; as well as
  • publishing independent analysis about the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) which resulted in the Australian Senate voting 43-20 to establish an inquiry into ASIC via the Senate Economics References Committee.

John’s knowledge of economics, precious metals and public policy has been recognised all over the world over the past 5 years, since entering the industry.

John has extensive experience in public policy (particularly economic policy) and the operation of government. John’s career has seen him work in the Parliament of Australia, EY, various Commonwealth and NSW Government departments as well as a private consultant.

Sam has worked in the financial services industry for 5 years across CFD broking, algorithmic trading, equities analysis services and bullion dealing. He is an avid precious metals investor and advocate, having started his precious metals journey in 2018.

Sam has worked with thousands of clients over the years, teaching them about finance, economics, and precious metals, helping them to protect themselves financially. His experience in the bullion industry began in 2020, working at a major bullion dealer in Melbourne.

Sam has had a fascination with economics stretching back to when he was in high school, winning the school economics award during his final year. A memorable moment from this was when he asked his teacher why central banks set interest rates, rather than the free market. Sam pursued this interest further at Melbourne University, studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Finance and Economics.

Sam’s passion for the precious metals and everything that they represent has pushed him to work with John Adams to create Adams Bullion, combining Sam’s knowledge of the inner workings of the bullion industry with John’s superb economic analysis and political achievements to date, creating Australia’s most politically active bullion dealer.