Major Campaigns

As the most political active Australian bullion dealership, Adams Bullion is not only in the business of offering physical precious metal and associated products, but openly engaging in political resistance and advocating for dramatic changes to public policy.

John Adams has a long successful track record in utilising his economic expertise to:

  • highlight problems within the Australian and global economies;
  • expose hidden public policy problems; as well as
  • push back against the establishment and advocate for public policy.

The revenue we generate at Adams Bullion gives us the financial resources to continue the fight against incompetent and corrupt government and poor public policies to fight for a better world.


 Current Campaigns 

Our first campaign is called “PHYSICAL MONEY FOREVER”.

In this campaign, Adams Bullion seeks to:

  • celebrate the 2020 defeat of the Morrison Government’s $AUD 10,000 cash ban;
  • highlight the risks about the cashless society, central bank digital currencies and the digital surveillance state;
  • promote the benefits of physical precious metals in guarding against reckless fiscal and monetary economic policies; and
  • advocate for policy reform which would guarantee that physical money (including physical precious metals and physical currency).